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  • Adult Bible Studies
    Adult Bible Studies

    If you desire to give Bible studies on a one-on-one basis to people who desire to know more about the Seventh-day Adventist Church, gain a deeper understanding of the scripture, or prepare for baptism, or if you desire to have Bible studies, we are here for you.

  • Education Ministry Department
    Education Ministry Department

    The Education Ministry serves the entire congregation by effectively ministering to students (kindergarten through university). Some of its specific goals are to promote Christian education by encouraging attendance at Seventh-day Adventist educational institutions, to facilitate education stipends to families, and to work with the Goshen Children and Youth Ministries to recognize the achievements of our students.  Desire to train up a child in the way of the Lord through Christian education? Explore private school choice options and school vouchers for qualified students. 

  • Family Ministry
    Family Ministry

    Family influences every part of our lives and the life of the church. Our Family Ministry’s goal is to prioritize and strengthen relationships within families, recognizing that families come in various forms. The team also seeks to encourage stronger marriage relationships according to Biblical principles.  Using Christian materials and tools, offered through regular meetings, seminars, workshops, retreats and other social activities, Family Ministry desires to support and promote other married couples to make Jesus the center of their marriages. 

  • Men’s Ministry
    Men’s Ministry

    Now, more than ever, it takes grit to be the kind of men God wants us to be. We are here to stand shoulder-to shoulder with you as we pursue God’s design for manhood through the teaching of the word, interacting with other men and service to the church and community. Some of our activities include: 5 Minute Men, Men’s Retreat, Mentoring Program, and social events.

  • Sensational Seniors
    Sensational Seniors

    We value our Senior Adults because of their faithfulness, godly wisdom, and self-sacrificing lifestyles. Our senior adults are an essential part of many ministries within our church. They also serve our church in acting as a generational bridge, connecting our younger members to our church’s rich history, reminding us that no matter the stage of life, every member is vitally important to the family of Goshen. Most of all, we appreciate our Seniors for their example of unwavering commitment to Christ and His church.

  • Singles Ministry
    Singles Ministry

    The Singles Ministry affirms and supports adults who are single by choice, death, divorce, or circumstance as whole, valuable people and meet their unique spiritual and social needs. We provide opportunities for single adults to worship, fellowship, and witness through Christ-centered events and activities. Volunteers are needed to help plan and execute activities.

  • Social Ministry
    Social Ministry

    We pray together, but we also understand that we need to play together in order to build strong relationships. Volunteers are needed to help plan and execute socials, game nights, Super Bowl party, annual Fall picnic, holiday events, just to name a few, of the activities. 

  • Visitation: Home Bound
    Visitation: Home Bound

    Goshen supports our home- and nursing homebound, sick and recovering members through regular visitations, meals, and friendship. Volunteers visit those persons home-bound on a rotating weekly basis.

  • Visitation: Nursing Home
    Visitation: Nursing Home

    Goshen supports our home- and nursing homebound, sick and recovering members through regular visitations, meals, and friendship. Volunteers visit those persons home-bound on a rotating weekly basis.

  • Women’s Ministry
    Women’s Ministry

    Women yearn for friends who will walk with them through life’s joys and sorrows, for building bonds of friendship and addressing subjects that are specifically or primarily related to women. We not only minister to the needs of women; we minister to females of all ages. All are welcome to assist with brainstorming, developing strategies, networking, and assisting in planning and implementing programs and activities relevant to women’s specific and varied needs, including serving as speakers or facilitators for activities. Activities include: yearly Women’s Ministry worship service, Girls Night In, Women’s Retreat, and Sip & Paint Nights. 

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